International Trakehner Stallion Market Neumünster 2012

In 2012, we published a first impressions report with - please go there to check that out as well. More images are available here, and we are providing you will the full pedigree details as usual. Overall, the 2012 stallion selection was a good one, with far fewer horses approved than in previous years - which was necessary and a good step into a more selective future. The overall quality of the stallions this year did not reach the level of previous years (also reflected by rather poor auction results for the non-approvedc colts, which did not appeal as much as riding horses). However, the quality of the 11 approved stallions was at a high level and the race between Champion and Reserve Champion was very tight and could have ended with either one at the top.

We thank Jutta Bauernschmitt for the donation of her beautiful images!

The new stallions

Champion 2012: Donauruf
EH Herzruf
Königspark xx
Prince Ippi xx by Imperial xx
Kleine Ballerina xx by Ballymoss xx
St.Pr.Pr.+E.St. Herzchen
Ginster by Pregel
E.St. Herbstblüte by Komet
Dolve Vita III
Exorbitant xx
Final Straw xx by Thatch xx
Fee xx by Mandamus xx
Habicht by Burnus AAH
Donautraum v. Schimmelhof by Pregel

Mare family of A3A2 Donau v. Schimmelhof (Krebs-Schimmelhof, Kl. Darkehmen)

The Champion Donauruf was a most impressive model, standing 16.3h at 2.5yr old. He had a very correct, strong foundation with a very expressive front arm, which not always tracked up with an equally dynamic hind end. The stallion has a brilliant uphill conformation and displayed a most pleasing temperament at all times.

Donauruf was bred by Veronika von Schöning and sold at auction for 300,000 Euro to Gestüt Wiesenhof. He will be placed in the careful hands of Fie Christine Skarsoe, who already rode other Wiesenhof stallions to success. Donauruf's dam also produced the 2011 2nd Res Champ Düssenmatt. The second dam produced the FEI dressage horse Dernier Cri and a total of 4 approved sons. Sire EH Heruruf is a leading sport horse producer in the Trakehner breed, and this is most likely his last son (Herzruf passed away). Close to 50% TB on paper in the first 4 generations.

1st Reserve Champion 2012: Guardian
EH Connery
EH Buddenbrock by EH Sixtus
Caro-Dame II by Karo As
St.Pr.+Pr.St. Isar VI
Balfour xx by Neckar xx
Istia by Primo
Gute Zeit
EH Consul
Swazi xx by Herero xx
Pr.St. Cornau by Lothar
Gute Art
Herzkönig by Erzsand
PrSt. Guyana by Mahagoni

Mare family of O326 Gundula (Poll-Hörem)

The 1st Reserve Champion Guardian was an equally impressive horse as the Champin, but in a very different way. He was light, elegant and very noble, jumped well and had a brilliant appearance during the at liberty phase, where he won many fans. The stallion is incredibly light on his feet, very attentive and also showed a good behaviour.

Guardian was bred by Hubertus Poll and sold at auction to Gestüt Gut Roest in Holstein. The stallion will have a dressage career there. His dam Gute Zeit also produced the approved Glenn Grant, who is a leading young event horse in Germany with Ingrid Klimke (** winner at age 6). Strong dam line that has been developed almost exclusively by the Poll family and also stands for the great riding horse sires Guter Planet and guter Stern.

2nd Reserve Champion 2012: Whizzkid
EH Gribaldi
Kostolany by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*
E.St. Gondola II by Ibikus
Schwadroneur by EH Arogno
Serikit by Märchenprinz
Goldino by Patricius xx
Utopie by EH Bartholdy
Wagunda xx
Helikon xx by Königsstuhl xx
Whisky Party xx by Windwurf xx

Mare family of E6 Old Bald Peg

The 2nd Reserve Champion Whizzkid was a stallion for trhe 2nd look. very elegant and noble Trakehner with very good and engaged movement in his trot, could have shown more uphill tendency in his canter. Very athletic overall type and showing quite the potential to mature further.

From Syriano's first foal crop. Bred by Johannes Magold and presented by Hans-Peter Kleinfeld and Joop van Uytert, the stallion sold at auction for 46,000 Euro to the Rhineland. Dam sire Uckermärker comes from close maternal relation to the FEI dressage stallion Ursprung TSF, and the bottom line is pure TB with the outstanding combinaztion of two of Germany's most successful sires, Königsstuhl and Windwurf. 2nd dam sire Helikon xx also sired the CCI**** eventer Seacookie (I. Klimke, now W. Fox-Pitt, 2nd Burghley).

Premium: Amourano
EH Connery
EH Buddenbrock
EH Sixtus by Habicht
St.Pr.,Pr.+E.St. Ballerina XXV by Diamant
Caro-Dame II
Karo As by Vollkorn xx
Pr.+E.St. Cornau by Lothar
Atara xx
Lagunas xx
Ile de Bourbon xx by Nijinsky xx
Liranga xx by Literat xx
Aflora xx
Florino xx by Espresso xx
Abisag xx by Maigraf xx

Mare family of E22 Belgrade Turc Mare

Amourano is a classic Trakehner refinement stallion of impeccable breeding. Very well developed for the amount of TB blood he carries, always uphill, elegant, light on his feet and with great hind end activity.

Dam Atara xx already produced the premium stallion Blue Hors Amarno (NMS 2003). Like Amarno, Amourano was bred by the late Kathrin Poll and presented by Hubertus Poll. Great combination of high quality performance lines (Habicht, Vollkorn xx) with a most valuable dam line. The E22 Belgrade Turc mare family also stands for Mill Reef xx and Blushing Groom xx, as well as the excellent event horse sire Grundyman xx. Same tail end as EH Arogno. Amourano sold at auction for 50,000 Euro to Renate Weber, de Boer Stables, Hamburg.

Approved: Avatar
Mangan xx by Dakota xx
Akolada by Dziwisz xx
Aspirant by Poprad
Agrykola by Kosmos
Mangan xx by Dakota xx
Akolada by Dziwisz xx
Ala Flavia
Kerman by Labirynt xx
Agfa by Cardiff xx

Mare family of E7E Agrykola (Poland)

Avatar was somewhat of a revelation in Neumünster 2012. he is the first Polish-bred Trakehner to be approved in NMS, and deserved it for sure. Inbred very closely to two siblings by Agar, the stallion showed the tremendous jumping potential one wold expect from this highly unique and interesting pedigree. the stallion could be a bit more refined and modern in his conformation, but has a good sport horse type and jumped with outstanding scope and willingness.

Bred by Monika Machlowicz-Wojsiat (POL), he was presented by the consortium "Pferdefreunde Ostsee", which consisted of 17 individuals that all met during a Baltic Sea cruise earlier in the year. They fell in love with this young stallion in Poland and bought him for presentation in Germany. At auction, Avatar sold to Dutch Joop van Uytert and to the shock of many, Paul Schockemöhle (a harsh critic of the Trakehner breed) for 37,000 Euro.

Approved: Carlsberg
EH Connery
EH Buddenbrock by EH Sixtus
Caro-Dame II by Karo As
St.Pr.+Pr.St. Isar VI
Balfour xx by Neckar xx
Istia by Primo
Nandino xx
Experte xx by hodell xx
Niala xx by Masetto xx
Pr.+E.St. Cornau
Lothar by Julmond
E.St. Corry by Altan

Mare family of E3 Byerly Turk Mare (Dam of Two True Blues)

Carlsberg remined many of his sire Imperio when he was a youngster in NMS - the great front arm mechanics, the lofty movement, elevation and also the slightly longer cannon bone in the back end were also true for Imperio. In the case of Carslberg, the package also included a very good saddle position and solid foundation, as well as a good temperament.

Carlsberg was bred by Hubertus Poll and is the reult of close inbreeding to the very famous mare Cornau (dam of Cornania, 2nd dam of Connery). Dam sire Nandino xx was a highly successful race horse and stood at Gestüt Hörem for a while. This stallion is the result of the combination of two outstanding mare families and is bred very true to type. He was not for sale and will begin his career at Hörem.

Approved: Sarkander
Le Rouge
Pret a Porter by Ivernel
St.Pr.,Pr.+E.St. lantana V by Tycoon
EH Hohenstein by EH Caprimond
Insterna by EH Leornardo
Sarabande XI
Germanicus Rex
Habicht by Burnus AAH
Germania by Irland
Salome IX
Turnus by Zauberklang
Serina by Facetto

Mare family of O170A Schwinderlin (Elxnat-Scheunenort, Skungirren)

Sarkander comes from the first foal crop of the 2008 Champin Iskander. Sarkander was a very correct and solid stallion, with a great jump and very powerful movement. In fact, all three gaits were of very high, equal quality.

Sarkander was the price highlight of the Hanover Foal Auction in 2010, where breeder Georg Pleister presented him and Burkhard Wahler of Klosterhof Medingen bought him. Iskander is a very close relative to the international Grand Prix dressage winner EH Insterburg TSF. The dam sire Germanicus Rex was never approved for Trakehners, but for the ZfdP, and competed very successfully in eventing. His opurebred Trakehner background make all daughters eligeable for full Trakehner Stud Book status. Sarkander will begin his career at Klosterhof Medingen.

Approved: Kahnkoban
Le Rouge
Pret a Porter
Ivernel by EH Arogno
Pr.St. Pontresina v. Kl. by EH Sokrates
St.Pr.+Pr.St. Lantana V
Tycoon by Donaumonarch
E.St. Louisiana V by EH Michelangelo
EH Caprimond
Karon by EH Arogno
St.Pr.St. Capri VI by EH Mackensen
Karin VII
Ginster by Pregel
Karina VIII by Incitatus

Mare family of T7A1 Kassandra (Gestüt Webelsgrund)

Khancoban is another approved Le Rouge son, and was bred fairly similar to other Le Rouge sons with Caprimond blood through the dams. Khancoban is in many ways a classical Trakehner type - he is very elegant and noble, with a very good neck, top line and legenace in his movement. His hind end coul dhave been more powerful, but he stilll impressed as a good dressage model. The stallion got easily distracted at the approvals, and will have to mature more for a future dressage career.

Bred by Ulrich Henke, the stallion comes from a mare family that has predominantly produced successful show jumpers as well as the great sport horse sire Kassio. The stallion sold at auction for 22,000 Euro also to Renate Weber, who has all her horses in training with Wiger de Boer in his Hamburg-based dressage stable.

Approved: San Silviano
EH Polarion
EH Van Deyk
Patricius xx by Kaiseradler xx
St.Pr.+Pr.St. Vanessa by Ibikus
E.St. Polaria
Insterruf by Schwalbenflug
Pommern by Habicht
St.Pr.St. Shakira
EH Biotop
Blesk by Eol
Paska by Hockey
Shira II
Königspark xx by Prince Ippi xx
Scherezad by Marsuk ox

Mare family of O35A1b Scherezad (Gestüt Rantzau)

San Silviano had the crowd in two groups. One half loved him, wondered why he did not receive a premium, and found his movement most appealing. The other half saw his genetic potential, but faulted him for constantly losing his rhythm during the at liberty phase, where his back was not supple and didn't support his truly exuberant leg mechanics.

San Silviano was bred by Peter Michael Heinen and his dam Shakira also produced the Bundeschampionat qualified Shapiro as well as the approved Singolo. The second dam produced the international eventer and approved stallion Schenkendorf as well as the Grand Prix dressage gelding Savoy. San Silviano sold at auction for 130,000 Euro to a prominent British dressage family that already owns the sire Polarion. The stallion will be stationed at German Hofgut Albführen.

Approved: Marseille
Prince Patmos
EH Friedensfürst by Rondo
Pamir II by EH Lehndorffs
Princie Diamond
Kostolany by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*
Pr.St. Pari by EH Argument
Mireille Mathieu
EH Gribaldi by Kostolany
Chaqueta AL Ziyadah ShA by Artaxerxes ShA
Moulin Rouge
Donauwind *E* by Pregel
Maskottchen by Corvin

Mare family of O181A1 Martella (v. Lingelsheim - Rondeshagen)

Marseille was a nice all around horse with good talent over jumps and a very pleasant temperament. The stallion moved very balanced and with good rhythm. He is also from the first foal crop of a younger stallion, in his case the 2008 Res Champion Prince Patmos.

Marseille was bred by Anders Dahl in Denmark and sold at auction for 22,000 Euro to the US. On the dam side, some historic pedigree components come into play, as the foundation sire Donauwind appears in the 3rd generation in combination with some rare Shagya Arabian blood through the dam sire Cosmir.


Approved: Debussy
EH Kasparow
EH Sixtus by Habicht
St.Pr.,Pr.+E.St. Kanda by Kostolany
Ragnit VII
Couleur-Fürst by Sir Shostakovich xx
Rhapsodie V by Kopernikus
Pr.Sr. Donauwolke
EH Cadeau
Silvermoon by Kostolany
Cortina R by EH Caprimond
EH Maizauber by EH Bartholdy
Donaulady by EH Tenor

Mare family of O181A1 Martella (v. Lingelsheim - Rondeshagen)

Debussy was a great athlete just like his sire - with an outstanding jump and very powerful movement. one could fault him for his slightly long back and the rather coarse type, but with more growth and maturation, the stallion will probably fill his presence quite nicely.

Debussy was bred by Gisela Gunia and sold at auction to the top rider Hella Kuntz in Lower-Saxony for 27,000 Euro, who plans to ride him first. Sire Redecker is a multiple under saddle champion and recently sold to Renate Weber, and into Wieger de Boer's hands for a dressage career. The dam is heavily inbred to EH Bartholdy (he is also the 2nd dam sire of Cadeau. the 2nd dam was an auction mare in NMS herself.

All images: Jutta Bauernschmitt